• By Golam Rabbi
  • May 30, 2020
CSE.JU Global Alumni Meeting

Members of JUCSE alumni association, had a wonderful meeting, titled as ‘CSE.JU Global Alumni Meeting’, and held at Bangladesh Time 08:00 A.M. on 30th May’2020. Current Vice-President, Ex Vice-President, Current Secretary, Ex-Secretary, some other executive committee members and some of senior alumni members staying at overseas were present at that meeting. The basic agendas of that meeting were:

1. Invite and include all overseas alumni members into our JUCSE Alumni Association’s official information system (https://jucsealumni.org/).  

2. Reduce the communication gaps between top most senior alumni members and mid-level /bottom-level junior alumni members.

3. Remove the networking gaps between the alumni members who live in abroad and who live in Bangladesh.

After discussing on the above mentioned agendas, the meeting concluded with the following decisions:

1.      Alumni association’s president will send personal email to those members who have not taken formal membership of our association and not recorded into our information system (https://jucsealumni.org/).  

2.      Any person will be able to see the alumni member list (but not detail information, for example, email address, phone, etc.) without logging in the site.

3.      Overseas Members who are already registered will work to get aboard new members based on country and batch.

4.      A batch-wise statistics summary of members will be published in site and Facebook group.

5.      From 5th Annual General Meeting, the executive committee of association will be formed taking overseas alumni into the committee.

6.      Electronic gift, newsletter, etc. will be sent to each alumni members on different occasions

7.      Some webinar besides physical seminar, training, workshop will be held for alumni members and current students of the department

8.      There will be a job corner in our website where different research assistant jobs, teaching assistant jobs, scholarship news, etc. will be published

9.      All news update will be published in site and Facebook group.

10.    All faculty members of JU from our department will be highly requested to be registered into our information system who are not still.

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