• By Miral Sarwar, Student Welfare
  • May 08, 2019
Student Feedback on Graduation Ceremony 23rd Batch

It was 20th April, 2019. Our CSE alumni officially formed almost 2 years ago. From the very beginning of this alumni, they took some good initiatives which are very helpful for all of us. In the 2nd alumni reunion and AGM program, alumni members tried to focus on a specific issue like current students’ skill development program. Our CSE alumni was always there for any kind of issues. For that purpose, they were making a plan to organize a program called graduation ceremony program. The program was only for recently graduated batch (this time it's for 23rd batch). 

The day started with some of our senior beloved alumni's. The program started at 11:30 am. Every student of our batch has been there within 11:30 am. 

The program was really interactive. First of all, our alumni's listen what we think about our career life and which career we are going to choose. We all expressed our own opinion about our career goals and tell them about our final year thesis topic. After hearing from all of us, they started to have their valuable opinion to us. Some of them told us about higher studies, some of them provided us current IT industries situation, some of them are told us how we can be a good professional in near future. Some students also want to become University teachers and government service holders too. Our alumni also gave their opinion about this. 

After that interactive discussion, we all completed our lunch together. Then we took some pictures and our honorable alumni member's wish us for our career life. 

Thanks our alumni for making this kind of Graduation ceremony program for our batch. Hope they will continue this program with our Junior batches too. 

MD. Ariful Islam

On behalf of CSE 23 batch